Hair Products and Gel for Men in Georgetown, TX

Here at Sport Clips, we don't give clients one-size-fits-all hair care. Our stylists sell and use top-quality products created to meet men's unique hair needs and lifestyles. If you need to take on hair that's thinning or simply maintain your "most valuable" mane, we've got the right solution for you! To learn more, make sure to ask your Guy-Smart Stylist and look at our male hair care products below.

We carry only the best in men's hair care products. If you want just the right look, starting with the ideal product is key. We carry hair products for men that help with many different issues that are for men's hair and facial hair. Whether your pompadour needs a loving touch or you hope to stop hair loss where it stands faster than Ray Lewis, we've got a product for you.

American Crew Hair Care Products

American Crew

This is the classic standard in men's hair care products for good reason. The King himself inspired the brand and it's been "The Official Supplier to Men" for years. American Crew is the product line for you if you want the All-American looks of a Kennedy combined with a bit of Elvis's swag.

Paul Mitchell Hair Care Products

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree

There's nothing quite like tea tree oil when it comes to invigorating and cleaning your scalp. Tea tree oil works well to clean hair in a natural way when combined with shampoo and conditioner. It leaves your hair refreshed and it smells great too!

Mitch Hair Care Products


With men's hair care product names like "Double Hitter" and "Heavy Hitter", you know that we love the Mitch by Paul Mitchell line. For current, award-winning men's hair care products that can give men the moisture and hold they're looking for, we reach for the Mitch.

Nioxin Hair Care Products


Give Nioxin a try if your hairline doesn't look as youthful as it used to. Nioxin has exceptional solutions for thinning hair. There are hair care products which add fullness to hair you already have, hair regrowth treatments and scalp services that take on hair breakage. Our Guy-Smart Stylists can recommend the best product to help you get hair as thick as pre-Yankees Johnny Damon.

Sexy Hair - Hair Care Products

Sexy Hair

This brand wears its mission on its sleeve. Have your Guy-Smart Stylist give you a Sexy Hair product if you're looking for trendy, sexy hair that will get heads turning everywhere. Whether you need more volume or something to keep your Mohawk standing straight, Sexy Hair will keep your game on point.

Joico Hair Care Products


Need something radical? Joico's Spiker Hair Glue is totally water resistant and will keep your hair looking good through any activity. Even if you feel like showing off your cannonball skills your hair will come out of the water completely intact.

Come See Our Men's Hair Care Products in Georgetown, TX

Stop into your local Sport Clips of Georgetown for a no-appointment cut and style today. Treat yourself to the Triple Play, stock up on men's hair care products or both! Whatever you are looking for, our Guy-Smart Stylists can help you hit it out of the park.